Magic of Connection

I am very grateful for my sisters of Women Writers of the Well. If you are an aspiring writer reading this, I recommend the idea of joining or creating a group of like-minded people who meet with the intent to support each other’s writing efforts. The magic of connection is everything. It’s a miracle. Without the support of these women, it would have taken much longer to find my way out of the dark, uninspired hole into which my creativity fell. They shone a light into that darkness and helped me crawl out step by step. I am still climbing, but I can see the way ahead. 

In an effort to get me working on this blog again, I asked my writing sisters to share work with me any time they wanted it published. Anne B. Jeffries shared my last blog. This blog I share with Shari Anderson. She sees the Light everywhere and shines it brightly for her students, her musical sisters and brothers, her family, and her friends of which I am so blessed to be considered. Shari combines musicality within her prose and poetry. She isn’t afraid of experimentation. She publishes songs and chants, and is a beloved performer in this lovely area of California. She is one of those people that prefers to see the positive even when others can’t see it. Here is the sample of her writing she has sent to share with you: 

Meditation Writing  

Her voice – 

warm and compassionate

Magically weaving wisdom and breath

Loving head to knowing heart

In, through and around

A creative dance from impulse Divine

traveling as words into our minds

                                                      Shari Anderson  


Family Dynamics 

Why does the word, dynamics, when paired with family, feel so very different than the same word applied to music? 

“Family Dynamics” feels complicated, determined by emotional responses and past triggers, but talked about with rational, linear vocabulary completely insufficient to the task.

Dynamics in music evokes: expressiveness, freedom, flow, creativity, give and take, communication.

Maybe the key to better family dynamics is a musical approach, an excitement, a curiosity, an impulse to dive in so we can soar.

Shari Anderson 


“So, we can soar.” 

I agree with this wholeheartedly, having come up with a different viewpoint from the prompt “Family Dynamics” using words such as:  responsibility, expectations of generations, fear tactics, grief dynamics, frustration with education, anger and growth – family – it is what it is: life shared.

The fact is, we all come out of families with a better understanding of who we are, and how to love. 

That is cause for celebration. That’s enough to make us all take flight. 

Shari is the one that pointed out that my attempts at creating acrostics with the word ‘practice,’ amounted to a journey through a lifetime study of music. My words take flight here because she found the value in them. I didn’t read these in this order because I didn’t write them in this order, but she saw it this way and now I do too:

Thank you Shari. 

Thank you Readers. May you take flight until next time you land on my blog space.



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